HSMSPE Syllabus

  1. Come prepared for class

    1. Dress every day unless notified

    2. No Dresses

      1. No dresses will result in loss of points. The more often it happens, the more points you lose.

    3. If you do not dress, you cannot do other work or talk with others sitting out. You can participate with what you have on as long as it is safe.

    4. You need to have tennis shoes, shorts, and a shirt different from your school clothes. The shirt can have cut off sleeves within reason. No tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts. No Spandex without shorts.

  2. Points for the day

    1. Each day of PE will count for 5 points.

    2. These points are treated like everyday math homework. If you are not there to show your work, you do not receive points.

    3. Points will be based on effort/readiness for class/ judgment/ attitude

    4. These daily points will combine to be 60% of your grade

  3. Tests/quizzes/worksheets

    1. Throughout the year there will be tests, quizzes, group work, and worksheets. This will count for 30% of your grade

    2. There will also be a cumulative final exam/project that will be worth 10% of your overall grade.

  4. Absences

    1. Like stated earlier, every day you are not in class will result in a loss of points. This includes field trips, funerals ECT. These days can be made upby the following:

      1. Join another class for an hour with teacher permission

      2. Come in before or after school and work out for 30 minutes

    2. A teacher must be present for this to happen (extracurricular activities do not count)

    3. There will be a sign-in sheet to record your made up time. If your name is not on there, it will not count!

    4. Certain circumstances may leave way for other ways to make up class

    5. If you are sick with a note, as long as you pay attention to what is going on, you will receive credit for the day. Extended sickness, including concussions, will need to be made up by my discretion.

  5. Other Rules

    1. NO food or drink allowed in the PE facilities!!!!!!

    2. Please do not have your phone out during class time.

      1. certain circumstances will allow you to have an Ipod or Phone but I will tell you when.

    3. Please watch the cursing

    4. Be on time (4 minutes after the bell to be ready for instruction)

    5. Listen when being spoken to

    6. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!    

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