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Greetings Parents!

Thank you for your interest in the Norse After School Program (NASP). I wanted to reach out, introduce myself and give you all an update regarding the NASP. I will also do my best to answer many of the questions that you had as part of the survey. I know that the flyer you all received was brief so I have attached the document titled “Norse After School Program Proposal Modified” to give you all more information about the program and what is included. Please take the time to read it.

My name is Eli Jackson. Over the past 14 years I have created, operated, supervised and facilitated Alternative Education, Summer Camp, After School, and Residential Treatment programs that have served approximately 20,000 youth and Families. I am so excited to have the opportunity to bring my passion and apply my years of experience within the community in which my family and I live.

Based on the survey results, there are currently a potential of 33 kids attending the NASP: 15 with their preferred site being Coon Valley Elementary, 13 with their preferred site being Westby Elementary and 5 with no preference on the site. With that said, the survey was put out to gauge interest so I am predicting that those numbers may change some. If those numbers stay the same, we will be able to host the program at both sites. I need to have 15 kids enrolled at a site in order to make it work financially. In order to achieve 15 kids per site, I am offering all of you an incentive to spread the word. For each child that you refer to the program, I will give your child one week free of charge.

I want you all to know that I am flexible and willing to make this work for as many people as possible. Realistically, I will not be able to accommodate to every request, but I promise that I will always listen. Based on some of your feedback, I have already made some changes, and am considering some others.

Change 1: There was some concern from parents that work in La Crosse that they would not be able to get to Westby by 5:30 PM. I have decided to extend the program until 6 PM. Because schools are getting out early program hours have changed to 2:15-6:00 PM. The price for the program will not change due to extended hours.

Change 2: The program WILL be offered on early release days. I believe there are 4 early release days scheduled throughout the school year.

Change 3: The program will run on non-school days that are not considered Holidays (exception would be Winter Holiday Break). On those days the program will start at 8 am. There will be an additional charge of $15/ per day to cover the cost of staffing, additional activities, field trips, etc.

Change 4: Pre-K will be eligible for the program

Considering: I am considering running the program over the winter holiday break. I will see what the level of interest is from parents before putting this into motion.

Other Questions/Concerns: Will aides be available for children with special needs? Unfortunately, at this time aides will not be available for children with special needs. What will be done in regards to COVID-19? The program will follow the same protocols that the school is following. Can my child attend only on non-school days? If there is space available, your child can attend on non-school days for a daily fee of $40. Space will be limited and preference for the slots will go to those that are already enrolled.

If you have any questions, or are interested in enrolling please email me at westbynasp@gmail.com. Thank you again for your interest in NASP and please keep the feedback coming!

Sincerely, Eli Jackson