Bus & Steve

Dear Westby Area School District Stakeholders,

Every year, many rural districts in our state receive a reimbursement for the high cost of transporting students in larger rural areas.  This aid is typically released mid June (this year, June 17).  Most districts opt to purchase buses to keep their fleet current with these funds and if they are spent by June 30, we get aided on it again the following year.  With our funds this year we will be replacing a 29 passenger bus and purchasing an 11 passenger bus that does not require a CDL (used frequently for sporting events, field trips, etc. and can be driven by a staff member).

In short.....

We will be buying 2 vehicles with high cost transportation aid (not local dollars). 

Because we planned on this back in January, we will be completing the purchase before June 30 and will be aided on that again next year (allowing us to keep our fleet current by replacing a bus or two each year).  

Steve Michaels

District Administrator

Westby Area School District