Vernon County Emerg. Symbol

March 13, 2023

Emergency Services Training at Westby Area Schools

(WESTBY) - On Monday March 20th, Vernon County Emergency Management along with Westby Police, Westby Fire, Westby First Responders, and Vernon County Sheriff’s Department will be conducting a Rescue Task Force training at the Westby Elementary School. The training will start in the evening at 6pm.

The School District is continually updating and training on their Emergency Plans and collaborating with emergency services. Although the school will likely not have to enact

A.L.I.C.E. where staff and students would have to act at a moment’s notice it is something that needs to be addressed. This training is modeled to create a “real life” event. This is to inform you that you may see a larger presence of emergency vehicles and personnel at the school, but it is only a training scenario for emergency services.

We thank Westby Area Schools for their continued support and collaboration to make our community as safe as possible by allowing our local agencies to utilize their space for training like this.


Brandon Larson, WCEM, AEM

Director of Emergency Management