Jamal and Jamison Wagner

Hello my name is Jamal Wagner and I am a full time Police Officer employed by the City of Westby/Westby Police Department, who works in conjunction with the Westby Area School District, as a School Resource Officer.  

I have a prior working background in Civilian Volunteer Police Work, College Campus Security, Corrections, and Law Enforcement.  I come from a big family and I am the middle child.  I myself have my own family and one child.  Some of my older siblings work in the Public School System as educators or in the Social Work realm.  

As a School Resource Officer, it is important to me that our students have a safe learning environment.  To ensure our students are allowed their physical, physiological, and emotional safety, I regularly walk the halls of our schools, randomly visit classrooms, observe students during lunch times/recess, monitor the interior/exterior camera system, observe special school activities, speak with students about their mental health or other topics, interview students on the behalf of or in conjunction with school district staff, assist school district staff with teaching topics, document and record crime on school grounds, and much much more.

I am honored and take pride in my School Resource Officer role.  I encourage staff, students, parents, and community members to report anything they find suspicious which could impact the learning environment in our schools.  

Jamal Wagner
School Resource Officer/Patrol Officer
Westby Police Department
200 Melby Street
Westby, WI 54667
(608) 634-4411 - WPD/Dispatch
(608) 634-0129- Office Phone