Wisconsin Winter

January 6, 2023 ---

Dear WASD Stakeholders,

We build 3 inclement weather days into our calendar.  These days do not need to be made up.  Following the 2018-2019 school year (during which we closed for 12 school days) we began implementing "Flexible Learning Days" so that we didn't need to extend the school year into the summer.  Your schools and teachers have likely reached out to you about preparing for flexible learning days recently.

Here is a review of our inclement weather cancellations thus far:
12/9 Cancelled for entire day
12/15 Cancelled for entire day
12/16  2 hour delay
12/22 Cancelled for the entire day (this was a scheduled 2 hour early release day)
This means that we have used up all of our built-in inclement weather days.

Going forward, any full day of school that is cancelled will result in us using a flexible learning day.

This week:
1/3 2 hour delay
1/5 2 hour delay

To account for the two late starts this week I will recommend having FULL school days when we were scheduled to have early release (February 10,  and March 10).  I recognize that this could present an inconvenience for some families who may have planned around these early release days in our calendar.  Please remember that families have up to 10 days for parent arranged absences.  

If we have another 2 hour delay or early release due to weather, I will recommend that May 5 be a full day of school.  If we have additional late starts or early releases beyond that, I will recommend adding a few minutes (depending on how many hours were used) to the end of the school day to account for lost instructional time.

Thank you!

Steve Michaels, District Administrator
Westby Area School District